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December 23, 2012


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Where is the Devious Love? Volume XI

Sun Dec 23, 2012, 8:32 PM

Where is the Devious Love?

An article promoting positivity in the community - A special Christmas edition

I wanted to put together a series of articles that focus on the opposite of drAma, instead focusing on positives. Here is a collection of messages I have gathered from members of the community, that highlight positive moments, be they success stories, kind words or general messages of encouragement for those who work hard.

Devious love for Synfull,

"I'd like to take the time and thank Synfull for her love and patience with me over the years. I've gotten to know Karen on a personal level, and our friendship is a continuous blessing. She's been so kind, caring, and helpful to me, and I'm so grateful for it.

We've been planning a lot of events for the emoticon community, and I don't think I would've done half of the things I'm currently working on if it wasn't for her help and support with them.

She's easily an inspiration to me as an emoticonist/pixel artist and as a person in general. I hope she continues growing with her art, as I know she's capable of doing, and continues to help the community in a big way, as I know she has been recently.

So, with that, I'd like to thank Karen on behalf of myself and all emoticonists for her time and dedication. Also, depending on when this is posted: Happy early or belated birthday, Karebear! :heart:"

Devious love for danidraws,

"I was wondering if perhaps you might be able to send some devious love toward danidraws She has a Kickstarter project that has about 50% to go and less than a week left. I was hoping to bring the might of the community behind her."

Sent by FStop231

Devious love for various deviants,

"Hinausa - A very wonderful artist, who gifted me a premium right before she deactivated her account today. She was so sweet and deserved all the love she got - 0% of all the mean things happening/happened to her (her art being stolen, being impersonated, etc). I hope she returns someday and reads this!

Prince-Marusu - One of my funniest friends - if not the funniest friend I have. I look at her art and giggle a lot, she's got a good sense of humor and is very, very manly for fourteen! *slapped* I'm very glad to have befriended her! Uffuufuu~

IcelandsHoeBoots - There's been times when I didn't know exactly who to turn to for someone to talk to and advice, and she has always been there! She's always really nice and kind, and ready to offer a helping hand should you need it. She in general is so nice to talk to as well!

Imouto-Thi, but also known as thilie to some - An amazing iconist, beautiful digital artist and a very wonderful friend! I really admire her icon work because it's always so detailed and colourful, as well as very cute. She's a very sweet girl!

cactuscakes, who may also be known as batman-kun - One of my more 'crazy' friends (don't kill me!), I love her a lot. She always has the most unique OCs and ideas and it makes me very unhappy when she deletes art or shoves it in storage. Her characters are unpredictable - her OCs have all these weird little quirks! "

Sent by rioIu

Devious love for cality,

"cality came out of nowhere and was just so warm and friendly! She's so nice to talk to and really makes magic with her words! She has shown me constant support even as I switch from writing to drawing to jewellery-making to doll-photography! She's a wonderful friend and watcher! Thank you cality! "

Sent by Fiarene-Art

Devious love for :devwackytwilight:,

"I would like to give some Devious love to wackytwilight Who I met in an RP Pokemon group some time at the end of last year. I actually picked her out because I loved her character for the group and once we started to RP and talk more we become close friends. she introduced me to her many friends and we formed the "corner suns" from a joke we all shared. Till then I had never actually had friends on DA who I spoke to regularly or even skyped. But now I get a message almost every day and it makes me feel so happy to come on DA and read something she or any of my new found friends say! The group of Friends I have now fill me with happiness but it all stemmed from wacky! Thank you! I no longer feel alone on DA!

If more people pushed aside the fear of talking to someone because you might think their art is to good and yours is so bad they wouldn't want to talk to you, there would be many more happy faces out there! DA is about art. but Friendship doesn't need good art to be epic!"

Sent by RabiesGirl

Devious love for various deviants,

"NihalDarko is a funny and great person, I've known her on an Italian fanfiction website (BTW I'm sorry if I am not very active there, but I'm still reading your FFs dear :D), and we've become friends xD I love her stories and she can also draw very well! :la:

KyraTeppelin is a nice girl, I love all of her pictures, her style is unique and very sweet :love: I'm so glad every time I see a fav from her, it makes me so happy! :aww:

LuizaLazar has an awesome gallery, so colorful and inspiring!! :love: She's a great artist, I love each of her photographs, she's able to create such wonderful atmospheres!"

Devious love for jrk42293,

"I just had to send a little message of love to my best friend, jrk42293. Woman, you are an amazing person. We've been friends for five and a half years now. Best friends. And although we had a rough spot a while back, I wouldn't change a thing about it. Now I realise just how much I love and appreciate you, and how easily you can improve my day just by saying hello~ Your artwork and your characters never fail to put a smile on my face. I absolutely adore seeing new art from you! And even if you disagree, I still think you're incredibly beautiful. <3 I could go on and on about how fantastic you are, but I don't want to write a whole book today. ;D I love you, Gigglejew."

Devious love for various deviants,

"MushroomRice is a great artist, but first of all he's a great friend. I always have a good time chatting with him, he's very creative and funny :D He's a very enterprising person, too: he always has the best ideas, and he always convince me to be part of them! Luca made also all my avatars, and I totally love them :love: His gallery is great, go show him some love! :la:

Rika234 is a nice, interesting and clever girl, and she's a good friend as well. She's one of the best friends I've ever had, she always listens to me and gives me good advice! We share almost the same tastes in lots of things, and still we're very different. She's a great person to talk with. I'm so lucky to know her! :hug:

I've known Fwirll for a little time, but she's a good friend! :aww: we started talking a few time ago about random things (from music to religion XD), and I think she's a very interesting girl ^ ^ She's very talented in my opinion, I love her gallery: it's so colorful and sweet, and she's even improving! :happybounce:  Definitely, she's a great person :huggle:

JPtHart is one of the most talented people I've ever seen here on dA. He's so young and still he creates amazingly wonderful pictures, it's always great to see a deviantWATCH message from him :love: Probably I look like a stalker because I always comment and fave almost all of his pictures and his journals xD Oh, well, however… He has great tastes both in art and in music, every Friday he makes me discover great deviants and bands with his feature :) Go check his gallery, it's worth it! :clap:

Fra-Emer is a great artist, her pictures are just beautiful! She's very skilled, and I love her gallery :love: She's also a nice person, one of the best deviants I've ever known :)"

Devious love for jane-beata, JamminJo and Aeirmid

"For jane-beata
Jana, over the last few months you have been an inspiration with your potisive attitude and community involvement.  That aside, you are always a pleasure to talk to and I am happy to have had the chance to get to know you better.  

For JamminJo
Jo, you've always been so supportive and are also a joy to be around and talk to.  Thank you for all that you do and for just being you!

For Aeirmid
Jade, you have been an amazing friend to me over the last few months.  Your support and encouragement means a lot to me.  I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to be on the CV team with you or else we may have never met and become friends.  Keep being the strong woman I know you to be :heart:"

Sent by Astralseed

Devious love for various deviants,

":heart: I'd like to thank Gwendolyn12 for being such a special person to me, she makes me happier than I've ever been with someone. We're so lucky we found each other on deviantART!

:happybounce: Thank you Ayame-Kenoshi, Heidi, codenamepanther, Moonbeam13 and my other colleagues for not only giving me the chance to work alongside you, but also for being so fun to work with.

Devious love for hgfdsasdfgh,

"I want to give a shout out to my dearest :devart: friend, hgfdsasdfgh. She is a very sweet, sweet girl who came to me in a dire time of need when I was so, so upset. This was her comment:

"ok. Here it goes.
I can't truly say I know you. I don't. I don't even know your first name or any other crazy shit like that.
But I have been there before. Best friends don't always turn out as good as they seem, do they?
And, as for your art, I don't know about anyone else, but I happen to like what I see.
Not trying to be mushy, but I thought SOMEONE needed to say it.

So there."

She added me to her watch list on the spot and we have been talking ever since. She has commented on every journal and near every art work I've uploaded since our friendship began and some others too. She always knows just the right things to say and has helped me stay cheery whenever she leaves a comment. I love you hgfdsasdfgh! You're the best :devart: friend I could ever ask for!~ :heart:"

Sent by Dawn773

Devious love for various deviants,

"iingo - A fellow DD suggester always working hard to promote the Anime/Manga community! Not only that, she is a very kind person and has a very cute gallery to be seen! Go and cheer her on for the future to become a CV!

Saccstry - Just until recently, she has been drawing all of that amazing, eye-catching grotesque art with a mouse! And since she got her tablet, she's gotten even better. I think she's a very interesting person, a great friend of mine. I admire her talent to mix colourful, blinding colours and dark concepts. And what's more... We are fascinated by so many oddities!

Biniwood - Even though she joined just a month ago (more or less), she has received lots of love and attention for her plushies - Guardian Cats and Dragons. I really want one so much!! There are different colours and fabrics to choose from. She's a very nice friend of mine, I met her when she had only been here for a week. Go and say hello to her, and meet all of her Guardian Cats and Dragons!

ClefairyKid - Though admittedly I do not know you very well, I know enough to determine that you are a very kind, positive influence on our community. I'm kind of surprised you don't have a Deviousness Award yet. You are literally good at everything you do around here and all of the art you create - you do a little bit of everything. Thank you for making the Devious Love Articles! :heart:"

Sent by rioIu

Deviously Lovely Artworks

She Believed She Could So She Did Print by eborundaMotivational wallpaper by neo937Motivational by FireyRedPhoenixMotivation by lizardbug7:thumb56175504:Pot of Positive Thoughts by WishmasterAlchemistThink positive by LiliteDPositive Vibrations by SilverMercuryBee Positive by KaTT-a-KlysMsmile by JuliaDunin

Deviously Quoted

A short and simple quote, that felt somewhat relevant in remembering those who are in need at this time of year:

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."

Please send a note to ClefairyKid with the subject "Devious Love" with any lovely messages or words of encouragement you might have for members of the community. Remember that they can be stories of success, small triumphs, a simple "You're awesome!" or whatever you think is something positive that could be shared with the community. You can also include quotes, positive images or stamps and ideas for good causes that people can get involved in. Remember that it doesn't matter whether you send a line or paragraphs, every bit of love is appreciated by the community and all messages are included the next available issue.

© 2012 pica-ae | Background image by Subtle Patterns
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