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Submitted on
September 18, 2011


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Where is the Devious Love?

An article promoting positivity in the community

And general warmth and fuzziness

Volume I | Volume II | Volume III | Volume IV | Volume V | Volume VI | Volume VII

I wanted to put together a series of articles that focus on the opposite of drAma, instead focusing on positives. Here is a collection of messages I have gathered from members of the community, that highlight positive moments, be they success stories, kind words or general messages of encouragement for those who work hard.

Heart: Free avatar by TheDeathOfSen:thumb139713069:Free Use: Playful Hearts by FantasyStockAvatarsFREE ICON - Flying Heart by Rin-shiHeart Balloon by CydneyX

"gothicfudge is a sweet young girl with an incredible eye for art. She has some great stuff in her gallery, and she is one of the nicest, sweetest people I know. I absolutely adore her!

Ninjaman70 is quite simply, a BAMF. His arts are fantastic and hilarious, and he is such an entertaining fellow. I'm not sure if it's even possible not to admire his silliness and his style. He is definitely one of a kind, and he is definitely super duper great!

Loo-ee-suh is a great photographer, and a great artist. She's such a fun, and happy girl, and always knows how to make me smile!

2BORN02B makes such amazing fractals at an incredible rate, and never fails to hand out a thank-you for each comment. He's a nice guy, with a nice gallery.

ailabicer is one of the most affectionate deviants I know. Her arts are great and so is her personality. You definitely won't regret giving her a watch!

carnivo is a downright awesome photographer, and a very nice person! Her gallery is stuffed full of stunning photos!

pizzafrogs is a silly girl with a unique and fun art style that is impossible to hate.

So-Volare is a great person, and a great, great artist. Their skill is a force to be reckoned with!"

Love sent by 6thCrown

"First I'd like to say that I just love 3ldas works, she can draw and paint really beautifully~ And I just love the ideas she has. Really, really great artist in my opinion. I'm really looking up on her * u *

Also I'd like to mention my great friend Yotsureneko since she is young, but she has skills, she has ideas and passion to try out new things and really wants to improve and works for it. Also she draws really cute and nice stuff, I wish she got more attention : 3

Worth mentioning in my opinion, is also sitruunainen since she is also young, but works for improving her art too. Especially lately I think she has improved a lot >: 3 And personally, with every person I watch, I love to see them improving, it's just amazing."

Love sent by mansikkaMisa

"I'd really like to make a shoutout for Breathless-Heir

She's a really positive girl, who can get anyone out of the dumps, never getting angry and always offering advice to others she can put a smile on anyone's face."

Love sent by ashflura

"Firstly, LaniChanXD She's like my BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE! We've been friends online for about a few months now, since like October of 2010. I'm so glad she started talking to me on this one site cause now we're practically twins even though we don't know each other in real life. She's sweet, funny, and IS MAH ANIME BUDDEH C: Meaning she doesn't mind when I go all fangirl over certain things hehe I LUFFLES YOU, FRIEND! :hug:

Secondly, Princess-Peachie I talk to her sometimes and wow, she's such a sweet and caring person! Her artwork is REALLY adorable so I recommend checking out her gallery (:

Thirdly, miemie-chan3 This girl is so awesome! I've had some conversations with her and we may not be best friends (yet haha) but she just really is soo nice! I wish I knew her in real life C: Her artwork style is also cute. So I'd recommend her gallery also ^^"

Love sent by RAWRItzKat

"Would like to give some love to create-illusions

My message to her-
Never doubt yourself, you are amazing and awesome; I'm so glad to have you in my life. Much love to you, Kalea! <3"

Love sent by tayaiv

"For: DestinyBlue

I've met Blue twice, at Ayacon and Amecon, and both times she has been just so much fun to talk to, and so sweet! Not to mention her chibi drawings have been just fantastic. If you haven't met her at a con yet, I strongly advise going to say hello! Much love Blue <3"

Love sent by TehAngelsCry

"For Makola94
Even after all this time and all those miles that separate, Makola94's love and her benevolence comes to life from her words like she is right here, with you. Truth is, they don't make like her anymore. Even if they do, I have never met another like her. We plant to meet: Someday; somewhere; by the sea.

For cality
Butterflies remind me of cality. A person that I have not seen but I know is beautiful. Her words paint a portrait of her: of gentleness and good nature. She is sweet and patient. For all her time that she gave me, I want to thank her and tell her that it means more to me than I can put into words. I pray for her well-being.

For Shotgun-Opera426
A kind person with an even kinder heart. We have exchanged many emails and with each email, I got to know the lovelier side of this girl. Shotgun-Opera426 has a strong personality. She respects other people's beliefs and give them space to blossom. She is like a fragrance. Familiar. Sweet. Moving.

For alban-expressed
alban-expressed is a wonderful photographer and a gentle person. He listens to you, gives you advice when you ask/need any and he is always ready to render help with a smile on his face. Great man.

For Jess-9000
Examples of tolerance and patience is what one finds in Jess-9000. She embraces diversity but keeps her conscience alive. She doesn't let hatred or any other feeling let her in treating others unjustly. A great friend who I would like to give a giant hug from my side. :tighthug:

For umar123
This deviant has an admirable quality. He does good not because of favors, but because it makes him the man he is: a very kind one. He gifted me and many other fellow deviants subscriptions; spread cheer and bliss. I thank him for the kindness and generosity he has shown and always does. Shukariya.

For younghappy
One of the few people that I have been :+devwatch:ing since I came here nearly three years back. younghappy has shown me a world that I thought didn't exist beyond pictures. He is an exceptional photographer, too modest to admit. Always there to render help when you ask for it. A great person with an even greater heart. He inspires not one but many. :peace:"

Love sent by MehreenFreed

"I'd like to mention EliseEnchanted as being someone not only exceptional in her concepts and execution of wonderful art, but also as someone I feel I can turn to for advice and a good chat :heart:. She's been just one of many who've supported me in my recent stressful time.

I'd also like to mention Mirz123 as another great friend who has been here for me when I need them, not just once but countless times. She really is one of the most dedicated to her artistic craft and it's respective community that I've seen throughout my time here, I know she might feel doubtful of herself sometimes but she's nothing but a shining light for deviants and deserves a lot of love and respect for that."

Love sent by ClefairyKid

"Octopus-child - she's been supportive and awfully friendly since I joined the site two years ago.

Indae - makes me laugh because she so silleh and funny. "

Love sent by Phlum

"unicorn-skydancer08 is a wonderful and amazing artist/writer. She's a type of person the world needs more of. She doesn't ask for much and is also supportive around the dA community by posting her very own News Articles for under-appreciated artist. "

Love sent by HipsterHorsie

"Mirz123 Is a wonderful person that makes emotes!"

Love sent by lilileap20

"AndreasHensel is a very active and very kind member of the community. He always makes wonderful comments, tries to promote his fellow deviants when he thinks they deserve more attention, is willing to help in any way he can aaaand is a great nature photographer, especially when it comes to take pictures of his beautiful flowers. (From his photos I assume he's a great gardener too  )
Go check him out, you'll be surprised"

Love sent by TheAppleScientist

"mirz-alt totally adorable sis of mine and always sees the best in what i do.
porcelian-doll who keeps me inspired and i love her work
and everyone else who comments in my DA i would love t mention everyone but the list would be too long"

Love sent by Linkin-D

"There's LadySokolov, my lovely girlfriend I am madly in love with and talk about far too much, who is smart, a fellow geek, quite talented at arting with a degree in Animation, incredibly fluffy and sweet, and generally better than I deserve. >>

And AviatorCid, my friendly archnemesis, with decidedly morbid, surreal, and slightly evil artistic tastes.

And SSJMihoshi the fourth member of our little group, who is pretty much the Only Sane One.

Then there's JZLobo, my partner in misery/griping about things.

And on the community front there's Kingoji and GrahamThomson, both of which are prominent folks in the UK part of the Transformers fandom for different reasons. (Kingoji does a lot of work nowadays for #Auto-Assemblers, the UK yearly convention, and Graham heads up what is, AFAIK, the only currently running TF fanzine.)"

Love sent by Jeysie

"iShiila was a wonderful watcher in the fact that she gave feedback whenever I needed it instead of the usual "lolcoolfaved" kind of comment I get. She has become a really close friend over the year, and we'll be first meeting each other at Youmacon!"

Love sent by LovelyMetalhead

"SilverTidalWave!!!!!! She is by far one of the best friends I have ever had.  She is wonderful and kind and is always there for her friends when they need her. She'll never judge you over things that other people have said about you and is so open-minded that it is really admireable. She's got a wicked sense of humour which is shown in her Harry Potter fanfiction 150 Ways To Annoy Harry Potter.  She's a brilliant writer as well, extremely talented. I can't tell you how much of her gallery is DD worthy. And to top it all off she is only THIRTEEN. This girl will go FAR, and I mean really far. I'm so lucky to have her as my best friend. <3"

Love sent by JessamineDiane

"sekaiichihappy She's so sweet! I love her to pieces. She was my inspiration and she's so sweet. She's nice to everyone. All her friends love her. And she need's to be featured because she's just to Awesome to explain.

MimiStars She's so lovely. She has so nice! You fell so happy when your talking to her. She is filled with compliments and finds a way to give a compliment to every person. I don't know what to say. Mimi is just awesome and everyone who is her friend just loves her and she's as sweet as candy!

luigipony Another one of my sweeties. She's so nice and really really funny! She's just a bundle of joy. I love her to death. She is willing to talk to anyone and be their friend. I don't know where I be on DA without her.

Bananaplox Recently found DA and yet is an awesome person. And she is a lovely person and is so nice! She's so nice! And really funny! I love her so much! We became friends right away!

Kirliavstomo Even though their is an age difference! We are still the closest friends I love her to death. And she is so polite. She is just awesome."

Love sent by royalbell

"Destinyfall has been a friend and inspiration and I'll always be glad I found her page.

RivisIndigoEmporium Supportive and kind, always has a kind word but never pulls back when tough critique is required. I am very glad to call her a friend.

winterelf86 Was the first person to actually thank me for a visit to her account . . . and we've been friends ever since

saintfighteraqua One of my first watchers, he always commented on my stuff and I know I would have stopped being on DA if it weren't for him.

And, of course, Mirz123 who, despite being a more recent find has been both supportive and kind and I enjoy seeing her art and reading her journals "

Love sent by dragondoodle

"Ok, one awesome person that comes to mind is greenstables. She is a really nice girl who draws and paints mainly animals realistically. Her comments on art are very encouraging and often contain helpful criticism and I'm glad I met her on here. ^_^"

Love sent by LauraMizvaria

" TheIcelandicWitch is a very, very kind person! She is always so helpful to me when I have questions about Icelandic or Iceland. She is very detailed and helps so much.

LiveLaughLove190 is a very talented and kind photographer! She is always trying to find ways to help others, and I suggest buying a commission from her.

Titoes is my awesome friend that I met recently, she is so nice and funny!

AsianBunnyZ7 We've been friends for awhile, though it only seems like yesterday that we flushed Juvia and fought over Gray...

prismrein is also a friend of mine I met not too long ago, she's an awesome artist, seriously, look at her gallery and tell me how much you love it! She's a great friend, and can put a smile on your face! "

Love sent by Shep610

"KicsterAsh kiki-kit OMG I don't know where to start! They are great artists! and KicsterAsh is writing a FanFic called The Seer. It's a Phineas and Ferb FanFic and it's just amazing!"

Love sent by river-cleaner

"RainbowButtcakes is a varied artist who specializes in manga and anime. Her many styles make it appear if her characters have no eyes  but she is incredibly talented and deserves a bit of support "

Love sent by J0s41yn

" Nivalis70 is one of the most sweet persons and important friends I have here. I love her kindness and humor, her helpful spirit with everyone, her beautiful artworks... Don't stop being lovely, Eva!  

Gwendolyn12 is my little sister with the same name. No need to say anything else, our epic conversations are epic! We have the strange ability to agree on pretty much everything, I mean it!  

Mirz123 is a mother for everyone here! Her community spirit, along with her pixel talent, are unbeatable!   It's my honor and happiness to be her friend and I do hope to meet her one day in real life! "

Love sent by Minato-Kushina

Gift Art Features

As well as lovely messages, I would like to share some artworks that have been made as gifts:

HBD Porforever by hanahelloHBD Ao by hanahellocolorbutt by cottoncritterGift: Isihock by Sliver-Of-Moonlightgift art for yana by ibahibut:thumb258668353::Gift: Chibi Sarah by Doria-Plume.:Sketch Gift:. Smiling Lady by HA2693Kket Emotes by AveilthePrussia gift-art by PhobsGift Art: Una by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule.:Gift:. BamBoo's soul by HA2693

Spread the Love!

With these happy and positive stamps!

I Support...My Friends - Stamp by ZookyStamp: All Art by Silver-Chocolateim-not-sana support by EliseEnchantedElise Enchanted Support by ClefairyKidI Support My Friends -stamp- by PurufufuruKameolynn Support by ClefairyKidLong Artist's Comments Stamp by aque-mizuhara:thumb75471764:Tajii-chan Support Stamp by GasaraSqueakysun Stamp by SqueakyToybox

Make a Difference!

By making some support stamps for things, art mediums or artists you like! It makes everyone feel special to have something made for them, especially when it's effectively a digital sticker that can be used by countless others to promote them! :heart:

To learn more about stamp-making and some great stamp resources, have a read of this article here; Stamps; For Beginners and Beyond

Thoughtful Quote

Kindness by LostKitten
"This is actually a quote I use a lot in signatures on forums and MMO's that allow descriptions. Never stamped it though. The inspiration for this came from what I'm sure many are familiar with. That idea that if someone is kind-hearted, they must be weak.

Despite the stern message a lot of my stamps portray, I am a very kind-hearted and giving person. (There are many within this community that can attest to that.) My abrasive nature is nothing more than a tough exterior.

I'm not one to be walked over or stepped on. I'll speak up for what I believe and stand strong to my beliefs. It took years for me to build up the strength I have today.

Some people never get past my tough-girl motif. I rather like it that way. If I'll be judged by the cover, I'd rather be judged as strong and resilient than weak and bendable.

The point of this stamp's message is that there is nothing wrong with being kind and it has nothing to do with weakness. You can be a kind person and still have (emotional) strength. Letting people walk all over you has nothing at all to do with being kind.

It's rare to find a truly kind person in the world and if you're one of the few, I think you're amazing. Even if you haven't managed to build up your strength yet. Don't let anyone take your kindness away. "

- LostKitten

Please send a note to ClefairyKid with the subject "Devious Love" with any lovely messages or words of encouragement you might have for members of the community. Remember that they can stories of success, small triumphs, a simple "You're awesome!" or whatever you think is something positive that could be shared with the community. Also, if someone made you an amazing piece of gift art, send me a thumb and a few lines to show your appreciation! Please also note that these articles are not about me 'choosing' people that I find to be 'especially deserving', it is a place for anyone in the community to give a public shout out to those they think are deserving, and as such all positive messages will be featured in the next available issue.

Where is the Devious Love? by ClefairyKidHappy Stamp by Seiorai
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