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Submitted on
August 21, 2011


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Where is the Devious Love?

An article promoting positivity in the community

And general warmth and fuzziness

Volume I | Volume II | Volume III | Volume IV | Volume V | Volume VI

I wanted to put together a series of articles that focus on the opposite of drAma, instead focusing on positives. Here is a collection of messages I have gathered from members of the community, that highlight positive moments, be they success stories, kind words or general messages of encouragement for those who work hard.

Heart: Free avatar by TheDeathOfSen:thumb139713069:Free Use: Playful Hearts by FantasyStockAvatarsFREE ICON - Flying Heart by Rin-shiHeart Balloon by CydneyX

"Hi! Here's something for your amazingawesome "Where is the devious love" news article.

tarantellino is just hdjxhcsmdfhlskfawesome. His gallery is so full of pure awesomeness, inspiration, emotion and amazing concepts that you will cry of hapiness when you'll see it. Seriously. And to add on the top of that, he's one of the nicest deviants ever. Everytime he comments my deviations, it makes me so happy.

I just love to spend time on GirlsOnly's chat with rainbowrays. She's a very nice person and we talk about the group or about anything else and it's always so funny! All the other deviants I got to talk to on this chat were always very nice too, I think about conniekidd; for example. rainbowrays has become a great friend of mine, and managing GirlsOnly with her and bigtgentry is one one my favourite things to do on deviantart. I'm so glad she asked me to be one of the co-founders!

mansikkaMisa is a great deviant who really deserves more attention. I rencently made a trade with her and I couldn't be more happy about it! She's very cheerful and I always love to read her comments.

[3lda also says of a piece of gift art she recieved] - This is a bookmark that Loonaki did for me. We did, in fact, a trade, and I receveid it in the mail box... it really made my day! It's just absolutely gorgeous. Even more gorgeous in real life. It's full of tiny little details and it really shows Loonaki's awesome skills. [gift featured in gift art section below]"

Love sent by 3lda

"I think TwiggyTeeluck is a great deviant both by artistic merit and community effort. Her photography is consistently beautiful, as well as her many now widely used journal skins. She has helpful tutorials as well, usually in the form of news articles; she also often uses news articles as well as her group Things-Not-Seen to help bring exposure to underappreciated deviants. Most of all she has a professional but very kind personality and attitude to everything she does, from dealing with disagreements to engaging with her watchers.

Another deviant I have always looked up to and who deserves recognition in my eyes is IrrevocableFate. Besides a great force in the literature community, mainly through her journals and weekly Love dA Lit articles, she is most of all (to quote Memnalar's comment on her Devious Minds interview) "the very model of positivity"; I may be a very positive person myself but the amounts of love and positivity she has for the community and its members is impressive even to me. Great examples of this are the collection of Christmas cards she created and wrote by herself, and sent to dozens of people, and the Spread the Love widget on her page.

bowie-loon123's literature is often touching, and her work for the community even more so; she's always willing to help people out who are struggling with problems in their life. I used to see her around a lot in the Help with Life forum where she'd give great amounts of helpful advice; she continues this with her group NeverBeAlone, and generally whenever people come to her with stories; because she has the reputation or because they can relate to her non- or semi-fictional work, and in other ways (see the Need Help? box on her page). She also does a lot for the literature community, working for DailyLitDeviations and other groups, having her own Daily Lit Deviant project next to that (which is impressive in itself), and offering critique or critical comments too. But especially for her dedication to helping people with life issues I think she deserves a spot in your article.

The last person I wanted to include is im-not-sana. I've known her for 1,5 year and have always seen her as a great deviant, who is fun to have around, as well as active and dedicated in many areas, all out of love for the community and her friends. From chats to groups, art and design to suggesting DDs, forums to pimping and featuring things, she just has a great community spirit and always a funny and kind attitude."

Love sent by namenotrequired

"GillianIvy - She's always there for a chat, and never hesitates to give me a helping hand with Journal CSSing (in fact, I expect a short answer and instead get an essay with so much detail my head explodes!) - haha. But seriously, I can't thank her enough for her help with everything ^_^"

Love sent by TehAngelsCry

"Applemac12 is such a nice sweet heart !! :love: Not only to me but to all of others, too ! And his eagerness to help anyone in need really humbles me. I am in love with him very deeply... :blush: He hasn't been online for months and I am praying that wherever he is now, he's all fine and healthy.

Tajii-chan is a friendly girl and I admire her for that ! She always have time (of which I lack ^^;)  for other people. Her gallery is a vibrant of dazzling colours and happiness ! I adore you, Miss Tajii !

namenotrequired is one of those dAdicated deviants I know ! He's so inspiring and someday I wish to be like him, too !!

FallenUmbrella is one of those lovely sisters I've got here on dA. :love: She is so friendly and close to any people. It is her who updates me a lot of things going on in dA everytime I come back after a long time of being away. You're such a lovely sister, Lauren !

SanguineEpitaph is active in all pimpings and help-ing here on dA ! :love: He's generous, helpful, updated and approchable; his page is so sexified and awesome ! He is so eager to give recognition to dA $taffs so he created the StaffAppreciation group. Such a unique idea from a unique person !

Love sent by aLzRitH

"plastickheart Because their inspirational quotes really mean something to me, quite alot of them actually apply to my everyday life and I really do just love them.

And d0ggypaws
I want to suggest d0ggypaws because she is just so uber awesome. As well as being an amazing artist she is also one of my best friends (in real life and on dA). I would have done this earlier if I had heard about it!
She always gives good critisism and helpful comments, and she always makes me laugh. She helps me when I am feeling down and hardly ever complains when she herself isn't feeling too good."

Love sent by FyreBurnsStrong96

"TheOneAndOnlyZouza She's really so nice, she ALWAYS replys to comments and she helped me  really a LOT. She also made her contest for the first time and it was really fun to participate ^-^ She is kinda a "positive light" on dA cause she always get feedback on every picture i draw and tells me what's wrong/whats ok so.. i really think she's great ;u; "

Love sent by NaruLeiin

"nivaun he is so talented, wise & has helped me with so many photography questions I would love to meet him in person and talk more photography!"

Love sent by Savaliste

"MzzAzn -  She is so sweet & awesome & I enjoy talking with her!"

Love sent by Quolia

"I' want to meet Loonaki because I love all of her stuff, she's been a HUGE inspiration and has helped me to be a better artist and guided me to where I was now. And I love her hair."

Love sent by icewalker73

"I want to meet Mirz123. We have so much in common, I bet hanging out, talking over coffee, would be AMAZING!"

Love sent by SparklyDest

"FluffyDemonWolf shes been a great friend on da and it would be awesome to meet her in real life. or Zibbsberry, ImaginaryUmbreon or Oashi cuz they are also awesome"

Love sent by TheSleepyRagdoll

"A-R-T-3-M-I-S because I want to give her a high-five and a hug for being an awesome nerdy artist.
and FreyaBigg because she was the first friend I made on Deviant art
and lastly HollyTheSkittle because I think she's cute "

Love sent by sethsethrevolution23

"Dezenerate - We get along great, at least on here. He looks like he'd make a good pillow, too. :meow: "

Love sent by StupidFae

"i would love to meet yuumei
she inspires me so much because she's a young yet accomplished artist...
it's my dream to become at least half as good as her."

Love sent by chibipenguin14

"Cataclysm-X -  I would love to watch her draw, also to be able to chat with her would be nice. She seems such a lovely lady.

Negshin is also a lovely lady, and she was featured in Neo Magazine!"

Love sent by Reixma

Gift Art Features

As well as lovely messages, I would like to share some artworks that have been made as gifts:

Bookmark for 3lda by Loonaki:thumb217802442::thumb253608703:Gift for TwilightPrncs by ashflurasillyredpanda gift by Saya-Chan-7:thumb253782350::thumb253532087:For JiniChu by Midna01Gift for Korichuu by LudysisGumi -gift for gellatina- by kitsu-chanS2Gift by Shinigami-Mei200th watcher gift by NovaArt18

Spread the Love!

With these happy and positive stamps!

Nice deviants by Atrixfromice:thumb193511810:Positive Critique Please by alians07:thumb185722867:Opinions-Stamp by Dinoclaws:thumb142831414:i care about my friends by mintyy

Make a Difference!

By checking


They work hard to help those in need of hugs and support. Check out the group for lists of those who could use some love and those who need help by way of donations/advice :aww:

Thoughtful Quote

"A bit of advice to the people who feel like they need to go, go, go, go, go alllllll the time. Slow down. You'll benefit from taking the scenery in, in a lot more ways than one."

- mixtapebangstamps

Please send a note to ClefairyKid with the subject "Devious Love" with any lovely messages or words of encouragement you might have for members of the community. Remember that they can stories of success, small triumphs, a simple "You're awesome!" or whatever you think is something positive that could be shared with the community. Also, if someone made you an amazing piece of gift art, send me a thumb and a few lines to show your appreciation! Please also note that these articles are not about me 'choosing' people that I find to be 'especially deserving', it is a place for anyone in the community to give a public shout out to those they think are deserving, and as such all positive messages will be featured in the next available issue.

Where is the Devious Love? by ClefairyKidHappy Stamp by Seiorai
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