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Submitted on
August 1, 2011


44 (who?)

Where is the Devious Love?

An article promoting positivity in the community

And general warmth and fuzziness

Volume I | Volume II | Volume III | Volume IV | Volume V

I wanted to put together a series of articles that focus on the opposite of drAma, instead focusing on positives. Here is a collection of messages I have gathered from members of the community, that highlight positive moments, be they success stories, kind words or general messages of encouragement for those who work hard.

Heart: Free avatar by TheDeathOfSen:thumb139713069:Free Use: Playful Hearts by FantasyStockAvatarsFREE ICON - Flying Heart by Rin-shiHeart Balloon by CydneyX

"i suggest FyreBurnsStrong96 for the next volume fo where is the devious love?
She is an amazing writer and photographer, and her comments are so funny and we talk, sometimes all day. Talking to her about everything rando, and sometimes relatively normal brightens my day! She is a really good friend and a lovely person to know, in real life, and on DeviantArt!"

Love sent by d0ggypaws

"MehreenFreed is so kind-hearted and genuine. Her beautiful comments always make my day, and she has some lovely photography and literature in her Gallery.

FallenUmbrella is, in one word, amazing. She does so much in the community, and is always around, ready to lend a hand or start a wonderfully random conversation!"

Love sent by cality

"I've had a crush on SanguineEpitaph for a couple of months now. He is an amazing deviant, with a truly contagious love for the community. I feel guilty for not being as nice to him as I should have been (especially lately). I look up to him as a not just a role model, but a big brother. :blushes:

SLiDER-chan is a deviant whom I can say I truly love. She isn't as involved in the community as some other deviants I know, but her kindness and positivity are very inspiring. She's also a great listener, and a very talented artist!"

Love sent by Sailor-Pikmin

"hellloitsme Is great. When I started as an amatuer photographer, he helped me thru it, with good feedback and he gave me a good friendship. Now that I am past thatstage, we still are extremly good friends. He sends me notes every morning, asking how long I'll be on for, how am I, and what I'm doing that day. He's just an all around nice person."

Love sent by emmett-and-me


Many people in the artworld know Chris Hart. He's the man who wrote the books that gave you confidence and the skills you needed. He has a unique sense of humor and replies to his commenters, not to mention being incredibly patient...

Didn't know he was on dA, did you guys? :D

And we have Glorrosaelin a budding artist she improves more and more! I have GOT to wrassle down time to finish commenting and faving her gallery! She is sweet and we go waay back. She also has a sense of humor- and she doesn't let you forget it. She cheers me up :D"

Love sent by Lady-of-the-Shield

Tea is the epitome of such devotion to Animals who need love and attention -…

She is also a very caring friend who bares gifts to those who lifts peoples spirits.

Zev is an amazing man who brings the entire community together with his organized documentation of events and positive outlooks regarding just about anything that requires it.
He is also a very established Videographer as you can see here -

Jocelyn is a lot of :love:all rolled up into one giving soul.  She is constantly giving positive praise to everyone in the community and bettering their outlook in life.

Spreads so much:love:it's amazing really!
He is just an amazing free spirit!"

Love sent by creativemikey

"xXxVampireRagdollxXx because she always there helping, even if its just a chat thats on going. she's always making me feel better and making me little gifts like fan fics. and constantly thanking me for my thanks yous to her. she is quite amazing :)"

Love sent by LizThatsMe

"jcroxas - We've been talking for so long, and he's been such a great support to me.
He's the first person I told about some stuff I found out about my dad. I haven't told that yet to my closest friends in real life. But I just felt secure when I was talking to him about that. I knew that he would listen to me, and be patient. And that he'd try to help me and to comfort me. I really love him."

Love sent by TiaVon

"iKiska Her linearts are gorgeous, and her paintings are epic. She always has something interesting to say in her journals and is a wonderful person.

Tigertutu-Cosplay A truly beautiful person, inside and out. She's been a really good friend to me, and I can't wait to see her when she makes it to Adelaide (eventually! >.<)"

Love sent by warlady-kiara

"silverhammer always comments on everything, giving feedback, especially when I ask for it."

Love sent by stuck-in-suburbia


She's an awesome friend :') Always giving support, feedback, help, tips, etc.
She uses most of her point by donating to other deviants/causes/groups who need them.
She's there for everyone when someone needs them, and she is very kind to all her friends.
And finally, her photography is just amazing! Every time trying to improve her photography and always trying new things.. She is in recap a fabulous and amazing deviant which shares love to others.  "

Love sent by DeidaraDeathNote

"hiddendelights is very supportive of everyone from features to suggesting DDs. She is the person that I would love to talk to if I am every feeling down.

Kath602 is a very talented emoticonist (I know, Kath ) and is fun to talk to. You're awesome, just so you know.

im-not-sana is just awesome from the day I stalked met her. Not only did she give me a home (under her bed), but she shows community spirit all around this place.

Kaz-D, I believe, was one of the first deviants I had met when I got myself acquainted with dA. No matter who you are, you have her support somewhere in your heart <3 With her amazing photography and literature, as well as her amazing community spirit, she is truly devious.

thorns is also a very supportive and motivating deviant. She does a lot for the literature community, and I hope to have inspiration from her to write more often.

Topicality is a very kind friend. She is very helpful and supportive--her many projects, features, and interviews prove that. I can't think of any other bunkmate deviant like her

dekorAdum's love for the community shows that we are devious in our own way. He tirelessly features deviations, pimping news articles and events, and suggesting DDs. He is awesome"

Love sent by FallenUmbrella

"SparklyDest is an amazing deviant. She is a huge support to the emoticon community.  Even more importantly, she has been true friend, standing by me through thick and thin.  Her kind words always bring a smile to my face.  And her love of all things coffee just makes everything more perfect.  I'm so grateful for her.

Even though Ravenswd is my husband, his love and support of me on dA is far and apart.  He is truly the "guy behind the scenes" who allows me to devote so much time and effort into the community.  He is a big help directly, assisting me in articles, contests, and more, and emotionally, shoring me up during dArama and conflict.  He's a great emoticonist, too.  I am so thankful for him."

Love sent by Mirz123

"RLacrouse - I think she deserve more publicity because of her good deeds.  Especially, at helping :icon100millionpoints: in moderating points given and people who wanted them.

Another thing is, when you browse her gallery, it is obvious that she had been improving really fast, given that she had only started coloring her works for a month."

Love sent by Tantallius

"jewelbird - She knows that I'm not good in drawing but thanks very much to her, she encourages me to learn drawing and now I'm learning to draw anything I like.

Also, she always reply my comments and her artworks are great. She is truly awesome to me."

Love sent by lorreinegeralde

"Kancano - I recently found this wonderful man, and his artwork is /amazing/!~  The colors and designs really leave me speechless.  I hope you guys take note of him sooner or later.~  He deserves a lot of lovin'!~ "

Love sent by :devStarSixtySeven :

Gift Art Features

As well as lovely messages, I would like to share some artworks that have been made as gifts:

AG Shadow for Fantasy-coolcat by razrrothSeal - Gift Art by Nioell:thumb245616688:Gift: Izka197 by NaruLeiin:thumb245442054:Harmony by AoerB-day gift - Brother by Snowwire:thumb244770483:Grell's Home Made Cake by wickedAlucardGift- Dark Aruru by Lerara:thumb244919135:B-day gift - Sym by SnowwireGift - Hollow25 by LDGAGift for Rainy by SiriliyaHBD Purikko by hanahello

Spread the Love!

With these happy and positive stamps!

:thumb245549599::thumb245613465:Happy Birthday Stamp by vasselliOur D.i.f.f.e.r.e.n.c.e.s ... by mylastelLove by TheLoveTrain

Make a Difference!

With Devious Love! You can even do it right now!

When you (yes you!) think of someone who always comments, always organises contests and other fun activities, always provides great resources and feedback and who is a positive light in your time here, who do you think of? Send a note with the person who comes to mind and a line or two about why they came to mind to ClefairyKid to see it published as a public shout-out to someone great!

Also remember that soon DeviantArt's 11th birthday celebrations will begin with a number of great events you can get involved in :aww: Take it as a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends whilst having fun and celebrating the site's birthday.

Thoughtful Quote

"There is good and bad in everything, the bad may get you down but the good is all around to help you back up."

- Shell-Mel

Please send a note to ClefairyKid with the subject "Devious Love" with any lovely messages or words of encouragement you might have for members of the community. Remember that they can stories of success, small triumphs, a simple "You're awesome!" or whatever you think is something positive that could be shared with the community. Also, if someone made you an amazing piece of gift art, send me a thumb and a few lines to show your appreciation! Please also note that these articles are not about me 'choosing' people that I find to be 'especially deserving', it is a place for anyone in the community to give a public shout out to those they think are deserving, and as such all positive messages will be featured in the next available issue.

Where is the Devious Love? by ClefairyKidHappy Stamp by Seiorai
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Tajii-chan Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm sorry I couldn't comment on this earlier!

But as always, these articles put a smile on my face :) The intent behind them is beautiful, and I never tire of hearing everyone's kind words to other deviants :D
ClefairyKid Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011
That's ok :aww: :hug: I look forward to these, seeing how happy people get :giggle:
Kasery Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks alot for the feature!!!
ClefairyKid Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
Welcome :hug:
DalekMercy Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I'm loving the positivity and love! So many great people on here! It's nice to see them agknowledged for their kindness and great personalities!
ClefairyKid Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
:aww: Yeah, it's nice that literally anyone can send in some love for anyone :giggle:
DalekMercy Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I know. It so nice to see people supporting each other around here^^
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011
This is beautiful! :clap:

ClefairyKid Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
silverhammer Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you `stuck-in-suburbia for suggesting me :love:
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