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July 9, 2011


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Where is the Devious Love?

An article promoting positivity in the community

And general warmth and fuzziness

Volume I | Volume II | Volume III | Volume IV

I wanted to put together a series of articles that focus on the opposite of drAma, instead focusing on positives. Here is a collection of messages I have gathered from members of the community, that highlight positive moments, be they success stories, kind words or general messages of encouragement for those who work hard.

I really like *EvilDoctorHobbit. His responses, comments and preety much - everything is amazing and makes me wait for another reply. :). He always writes long comments saying a lot about the art and what is the thing that I may focus on next time. I really appreciate this kind of comments, because I don't see many things I do wrong... Like my english :D. He is also a very intelligent person. Talking with him is a pleasure, because it's the devious love :).

I also really like (it's not that I like this person less so I write about her in the secound place :), I just wrote in a reversed alphabetical order XD) ~CookieMonstaaArt. Her comments often brightened up my days, we talked till 4AM (in her timezone, I had 3AM on the clock then) about everything. It was a pleasure. Her responces are really clever, fun to read and filled with friendlyness. I lately hadn't had much time (which is kind of annoying, beacuse it's summer holiday now :p) to write something long to her lately :/. Talking with her about everything and nothing, about politics, wars and school, about colours, eyes and books is so pleasant! I didn't know it could be that pleasant before! :).

Love sent by Adikko

yuna361 She creates beautiful and simple linearts, and her photography is always gorgeous. She is a really great person who loves what she does in her art. :heart:

Danetia He does wonderful work, and is an all-round wonderful person. Really wanted to give him a shout out.

MotherNight92 is a wonderful writer, mostly submitting fanfiction about Naruto. I believe she's branching out a bit soon, but her writing is simply awesome.

Love sent by warlady-kiara

Nyiana-sama is one of those people who you can count on to fill your day with joy and happiness<3 her silly, fangirlish distracted yet amazingly caring, loving and helpful personality is infectious. She is such a sweetheart who I can always count on for anything, always! <3

Minato-Kushina is the kind of person I'd want for my sister, such amazing person she is. Just talk with her for a second and you'll immediately want her as your friend<3 her help and pouring love for dA and its people is incredible!

Hellobaby is not only my biggest inspiration ever on dA, but also a friend like few. Her sweetness brightens the day of any person around her, and her art is capable of making anyone jawdrop. Thanks for helping me and so many people through this devious way, Amy. Please never change :love:

Love sent by Gwendolyn12

caddman is a very kind soul. He goes out of his way to leave feedback on other deviants' works. He is certainly dedicated to being a friend of many.

creativemikey is a sweetheart. His work is meaningful, and as a result it reaches out to other deviants on several levels. He is also a gift-giver and a great asset to the dA community.

Love sent by Emerald-Depths

Another talented writer is athoa-adelfi, although, that is not to downplay her photography skills. Always there with a positive comment or a thought-provoking question, and that means a lot, just being there.
Thank you for all those times you've lit up my life, athoa-adelfi

Love sent by clemur

magicpupy almost always faves my art. And it makes me feel special. d0ggypaws is a supporter of mine as well. Often faves, comments and commissions me.

Love sent by AmieJ

ValeryScar She always comments on my pictures! 83

Love sent by AnaAdorable299

Oh my gosh, the first person that comes to mind is my friend Feffafee.
She's loving and caring towards all deviants, new and old. She's been featuring her watchers and the people she watches, and in a recent journal she asked her watchers how she could improve her art to please them. She's always aiming to please- and she's deserving of tons of love and hugs all the time!

Love sent by loveisangerness

Loonaki and SanguineEpitaph have been amazing these past few weeks, Loonaki inspires with her gorgeous traditional works and tutorials, and made me the most beautiful piece of gift art, I don't think I could ever thank her enough :love: SanguineEpitaph continues to inspire me to work hard in the community and not to be afraid of what others might think and to stay strong in my beliefs. He is one of my closest dA friends, and I always enjoy a good MSN conversation about hair or animals or whatever things we end up talking about :aww:

Love sent by ClefairyKid

NeonKitt, Ingvar-The-Deviant and Bernkatle are so sweet and whenever I want to give up, they get me back on my feet and tell me to keep going forward.

Love sent by YukiHatsuki

enigmaticsmile is a new watcher of mine but he is so very friendly, caring and supportive. He is such a nice person!

the-final-I has been so amazingly helpful and to several other deviants too, so I gather. He has critiqued most of my work, helping me improve while being very patient with my immature ramblings. I owe him a lot.

Love sent by i-am-a-pickle

I immediately thought of VolbeatFiro. :3
He's always open to do critiques for people and is constantly working on his art - always participating in contests, creating and redoing characters, SO many things. xD
He's really friendly and comments and favs things a lot, and although he's -kinda- just started and is going to eventually going to move to another account as he's told me, I think he's really impacted and reached out to a lot of people to show his work around and improve it. :3

Love sent by JadenFLAWLESSx

Well there is my friend sk8rm1cha3l that's on here, he's always helping get most of my drawings to there finishing product. He does digital art and is a tagger, he's also my best friend. The other person is me (not meant to sound self absorbed.)  I am willing to try new kinds of art, and here in my home town I give my friends my art pieces (most of the time they ask me draw something and I tried my best to complete.) I just wanna see people happy basically.

Love sent by sethsethrevolution23

Eceres is always there when I need someone to talk to. And anyone else Im sure. She helped me with my group. Shes
done gift art for me. She just an all around awesome person. :love:

Love sent by xODuddyOx

Gift Art Features

As well as lovely messages, I would like to share some artworks that have been made as gifts:

HBD ureshiijelek by hanahello"Somewhere..." for ClefairyKid by Loonaki:thumb217312641:Gift Art - SouthernDelight by StarDragon77Gift for LucyAkira15 by Yukino-Hasegawa.:B-day gift:. sexy eyes by LuneTheTiger:thumb216687499:Gift - Hollow25 by LDGA.:Gift:. Happy B-day to UFO by HA2693Lily Fairy Gift by MelissaDaltonPi - Gift art by shingalaxy

Spread the Love!

With these happy and positive stamps!

STAMP: I'm Happy Today by zungzwangNice deviants by AtrixfromiceI love nice guys by Suika-SohmaOkay to Fav and not Comment by fear-the-brillianceImportant to be nice stamp by KleepaaI Love Weekends Stamp by Mirz123being nice makes me happy by Liliothe

Make a Difference!


By checking out the events leading up to dA Staff Appreciation Week! This will be a week organised and run by StaffAppreciation in order to celebrate those who make every day here possible. It's also about getting the community involved, and there are already plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and win prizes including subscriptions! Just check out their article to get started.

Thoughtful Quote

"I can’t stand those who come post porn here and besides of it they say they are proud of ruin another people’s life with it  or the arrogant and boast a lot about their art is better than yours and don’t appreciate other’s comments and say they don’t want to read when you take your time write (believe me, people told me that two times!  ) or those Art THIEVES stealing someone else’s art!   that’s not nice and not cool and I don’t support them!  I support the deviants who appreciate the other’s artist feedback and know how much the art of everyone is worth! I think everyone should be kind with each other, that’s the way it should be!"

- Atrixfromice

Please send a note to ClefairyKid with the subject "Devious Love" with any lovely messages or words of encouragement you might have for members of the community. Remember that they can stories of success, small triumphs, a simple "You're awesome!" or whatever you think is something positive that could be shared with the community. Also, if someone made you an amazing piece of gift art, send me a thumb and a few lines to show your appreciation!

Where is the Devious Love? by ClefairyKidHappy Stamp by Seiorai
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