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December 31, 1969


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Where is the Devious Love?

An article promoting positivity in the community

And general warmth and fuzziness

Volume I | Volume II | Volume III

I wanted to put together a series of articles that focus on the opposite of drAma, instead focusing on positives. Here is a collection of messages I have gathered from members of the community, that highlight positive moments, be they success stories, kind words or general messages of encouragement for those who work hard.

MeSoSmarticle was the one who encouraged me to start taking photography seriously, although she probably doesn't know it. She's always been really encouraging of my art, and has some really nice pieces of her own. :) Her work is filled with color and originality. :D It always encourages me to see her name appear in my feedback messages :dummy:

Lady-of-the-Shield is my dear sister. She talks me up when I least deserve it, so basically a massive thank - you goes out to her. :love: Also, she's a phenomenal writer who literally puts her soul into what she writes. ;)

Glorrosaelin is awesome! She's constantly supportive of myself and the whole community of DA :dance: She's always commenting and giving back, and participated in the Random Deviant Event without being on the list.   She has one of the most cheerful attitudes I have ever come across and is rapidly improving in her art... she is an amazing joy.

Last but not least, Adikko is not only a phenomenal artist constantly trying new things, but really fun to talk to as well. His replies are always thoughtful, and I really look forward to what he'll say next. Also, his deviations are original, and can be interpreted in so many ways. :)

I appreciate these artists so much. :heart: Thank you guys, you always light up my inbox :tighthug:

Love sent by EvilDoctorHobbit

Godots-Coffee is an awesome, kind friend. She has a great sense of humor. Although we've known each other for just a little while, I feel like I want to be her friend forever.

Love sent by Icyiceman

Yaraffinity is probably one of sweetest deviants that I’ve met on this website! She does so much for her friends, and does it out of the kindness of her own heart! She’s always drawing such gorgeous gifts for everyone~ She always has such a way with words, expressing incredibly heartfelt opinions that always warm my heart! She needs far more love; she’s always giving so much to the community and has so much talent! :heart:

Love sent by Tajii-chan

namenotrequired is always willing to provide feedback in dAr, and he is a friendly, helpful deviant. :dummy: If you haven't seen some of his songs or literature, I'd definitely suggest you take a peek.

Tajii-chan's artwork is so completely uplifting with its wide array of color and positivity. She is a very nice deviant, as well, and it just makes me happy to see one of her drawings in my inbox!

ClefairyKid is the epitome of kind! Just like Tajii-chan's unique, colorful art, ClefairyKid dabbles in the realm of the rainbow. She goes out of her way to leave meaningful feedback on artwork to help artists grow, and is a wonderful friend. :heart:

Love sent by SanguineEpitaph

aLzRitH brightens our day with her colorful and rainbowy artwork, as well as her positive and caring attitude. I can't imagine not having a sis like her :love:

BurgerBunny is one of the nicest GMs that I know, although I just met her. Amity's emoticons are full of as much personality as she does <3

cality puts the "musi" in "musicality". Her busy life never significantly interfered with our friendship and inspires us with her lovely poetry and prose.

Desinent-River is one of the most caring dA friends I've had. Although he is going through some tough times in real life, I've come to realize that my positive attitude and sympathy helped him come through a bit <3

Gwendolyn12 is by far one of the most brightest and closest deviants I have ever met. I can talk about anything with her, I suppose. No one can resist her MAGIC, colorful art, and her contagious disease called Love.

namenotrequired is the most helpful deviant that I know. Anyone could ask him anything deviantART related. Bart is also a great person to talk to because he is very open :D

Love sent by FallenUmbrella

nettlebeast is such a great and inspiring artist! She's sweet, kind, considerate and hilarious! She's a great person and many a time has she encouraged young, newly budding artists to keep going! :)

Love sent by Tristaeza

tinfoilmedia. Those who know him, know him for his wit and talent. Those who don't, I'd advise you to meet him. He's incredibly talentened, and I bet he can make you smile within five comments.  He's always got something new, and the emotion he can capture is amazing, and special.
Thank you for the laughs, tinfoilmedia

Love sent by clemur

Gift Art Features

As well as lovely messages, here are some gift art features!

Gift by SirKittenpawsGift to Shilin by MistiousStarGift: Apache by KodamaCreativeSasuSaku - Gift by e-nat:thumb159614640:Sailor Moon gift art by GenevieveGTGIFT: WickedAlucard by NauticalSparrowGift: Sabata by KodamaCreative:thumb214797454:Gift Painted by xenocracyGift: Happy Birthday by milaa-chanGift for Tofu93 sketch by CocoFoxStudios

Spread the Love!

With these happy and positive stamps!

:thumb211071590::thumb211073029:Earth love by dazza1008Have a Nice Day by Sedma

Visit :iconqs-positive: to see a collection of positive stamps :love:

Make a Difference

With 3wyl's Make a Difference Article
By giving a minute or two of your time to write some comments for the artists featured, you too can make a real difference in the community :heart:

Thoughtful Quote

"As humans, it is normal if we ever feel hate toward something or someone.

But we should not spread our hatreds everywhere, especially when it is merely hatred toward the things that aren't important.

Spreading hate everywhere is really the adverse action and a waste of time."

- naitecoffee

Please send a note to ClefairyKid with the subject "Devious Love" with any lovely messages or words of encouragement you might have for members of the community. Remember that they can stories of success, small triumphs, a simple "You're awesome!" or whatever you think is something positive that could be shared with the community. Also, if someone made you an amazing piece of gift art, send me a thumb and a few lines to show your appreciation!

Where is the Devious Love? by ClefairyKidHappy Stamp by Seiorai
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namenotrequired Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2011  Student Interface Designer
:love: Thank you so much :hug:
ClefairyKid Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2011
You're very welcome, and I've noticed a lot of people send in contributions mentioning you :giggle:
namenotrequired Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2011  Student Interface Designer
Really? :iconrlyplz: I saw two...
ClefairyKid Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011
Well some suggestions I keep so that there aren't too many all too close together ; ) I'll save them for later issues :aww:
namenotrequired Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011  Student Interface Designer
Ahhh awww. :love:
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:icongwompplz: You deserve it!
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Thank you for featuring Nettle! She's a great person, friend, and artist! <3
ClefairyKid Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011
You're very welcome, I make a big effort to try and fit in all the contributions that are sent :heart:
SanguineEpitaph Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This is fantastic, as always. :heart:
ClefairyKid Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011
Thanks, I was worrying people might be sick of it by now, I've always been so sceptical about series :giggle: But it's going just as well I think :heart:
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