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Fan Art DD Summary - September 2012:iconj-z-belexes:
Features by JZLobo

Features by KasumiCR
SHAMAN KING Horohoro and Pirika by shocochample Bowser by JoshSummana When we were young - Pokemon by mmishee Airlines of the World by ctcsherry Dark Souls: Crossbreed Priscilla by ae-rie Adult Merida by GerryArthur +dr Seuss+ On a train by Tench Mother of Dragons by Adrian-W LeChuck by SpineBender Devilish Children by MONQMONK A yoshi's story by zuliban Stepping Along by Raccoon5 Lonely GlaDos by IIDanmrak Brownjobs by TerminAitor
Features by Lyricanna
Kirby's 20th Anniversary by Torkirby Superman Man of steel by CyrilT Diablo III - Kynthia by cynthi-dm Sunflora by Noktowl Warhammer 40k Tribute: Necron Warriors and Imotekh by pierreloyvet the sisters by CosmicUnicorn Calm Before The Storm by StellaB Wallpaper: TF2 RED by haruningster Goodbye, Sally by glitcher The world above by MrRabLo bouquet by reina343 DruggySherlock by CoeyKuhn find me a place to stay by noctis07 229 - Houndoom by micaelopes Tinky Winky from Teletubbies by AtomiccircuS Ravage of the Blight | Dragon Age by Urbanator Diablo 3 Market Illustration by JoshCalloway Tyrande Whisperwind by Minhee-Kim MARIO CREW: Cosa Nostra by Eddy-Shinjuku The Moominmamma's Pantry by barbarasobczynska Sailor Moon. Crying Lantern by kagurafuuko :TheHost: by AkiMao beyond the crimson zone by NanFe The Good by doubleleaf Mon Petit Hippocampe by Andantonius Prince with a Thousand Enemies by Sleyf 38 Days Left by aya-mei :t


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October 31, 2012


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DD Summary October 2012

Wed Oct 31, 2012, 8:15 PM
Here we have the brilliant bunch of DDs for the past month all together for your viewing pleasure, if you've not checked them out, I highly recommend you do now!

Pixel Closeup Portrait by h1uruTax Collector animated by iSoheiPirate by StavaEYAh, that day... by AtskaHeartCancer by Clairlock.:FanArt - Johnny:. by BeatriceNDream house by SocnauSteampunk House by CyangmouWishing for Rain by kawaiihannah

Quick update to let you all know that I will be doing my best to get more active than ever once my last assignment is finished in a bout a week's time, and that I've already started my article covering all the aspects of Pixel Art I can think of! That may take some time to proof read and get ready for publishing here, but in the mean time, feel free to make suggestions of things you'd like included in it, like things you don't understand or want to know more about etc,

Lastly, I'm also considering a Pixel Art group of my own, to bring together resources, great pixel art and great pixel artists all in one place, but I don't know for certain yet whether I will or not, I want to be sure I use my time effectively and that I don't get caught up so much in group stuff that I neglect other areas, or whether you as the community might prefer another group, or maybe you think there are too many pixel groups? Either way, feel free to let me know what you want/think.

Have a great November everyone and keep those suggestions coming! Please be sure they are Pixel Art or Deviant Stamps, I can't accept Icon suggestions ;) Please send those to Moonbeam13 until such time as you see a new Icons CV listed here: communityrelations.deviantart.…