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June 3, 2013
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What the... by ClefairyKid What the... by ClefairyKid

MY FIRST PIXEL CHIBI! Or really any proper chibi for that matter :'D
So a huuuuuuuge thanks to *NotDamien for inspiring me to try something bigger and tougher than I have before, and for being awesome to talk to in general.

This is Ray and uh, one of my characters I guess. Normally terrified to work with my own characters and she doesn't even have a name but, I guess this is a good start :P She's strapped a tail and ears on pretending to be a fish :P

Not dead, have been art making but I can't upload the rest until it's been marked by the uni in case of theft etc, etc,

Also, if you're on Gaia, I am doing a lot of commission work there with pixels so message me if you wanna sort something out, I'm saving for a huge quest item :P

Although this uses some non-traditional pixel techniques I've included it here because it was only semi-transparency and a blown out colour count, but not brush or gradient work. Also because the digital mixed media category won't accept gifs XD lol

Tools: PS CS4

    Please check out my gallery;

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these are awesome!!!!
Thanks >W< Being brave and trying to do chibi work, but sadly haven't had much time for anything art wise since they decided two semesters of subjects at once was a good idea o . 0
Tajii-chan Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my, your pixel chibis are adorable! And this is really wonderful for a first try :love:

I love the contrast of the colors, and the sheer details are stunning *A*
Awww thank you! :aww: Trying out chibis is daunting but I see a lot of really inspiring ones around so I persist! haha the colours are quite good here, I also used a curves adjustment layer at the end to ensure that it all evened out.
ATEL1ER Jun 4, 2013  Student General Artist
Great as always! Heard you're questing Lovely Lucie..uh, good luck with that! It's what, around $200 if you convert the gold it's worth to rl cash? ;A ; )
I love the detail in the dress, and the animations e u e )-b
Damien's character's hair look very realistic.
I'm aware of the RL dollar amount ;) That's why my gaiai comms seem "over priced", because I'm converting them with a similar dollar value as I would for lucie :P I'm actually doing really well considering, I'm about 5k away from 9mil so that's better than nothing c:

Thanks c:
incredible adorable :heart: :la:
Delet-ed Jun 3, 2013
This is so adorable. I love your shading.
Thank you, glad you like it :aww:
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